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Serving Ambler, Montgomery County, All of Pennsylvania, Colorado & North Carolina

Welcome to Lime Tree Counseling. We help people overcome life’s challenges, so they can truly thrive in their lives and relationships. You are here because you know life can be better; you don’t want to keep living the same way anymore. We want to partner with you to give words to your struggles, set and achieve goals, and move forward to experience life in a new way.

Our Ambler, PA office is easily accessible for residents of Montgomery County, and we offer online counseling sessions for people living in the states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Colorado.

Why Should I Consider Therapy at Lime Tree Counseling?

These days, we all rush around too busy to stop and think. You are meant to really enjoy your life, not just get through it. Making the effort to participate in counseling is one of the greatest investments of your time because it can help you to find greater satisfaction and fulfillment in everyday life.

We invite you to take time to meet our team, learn about our areas of specialty, and explore the resources on our website. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule an appointment or ask us any questions. We want to help you live life fully as you were made to!

Areas of Specialty

Because we have a group of therapists who each bring their own unique perspectives, training, and experience to the practice, clients can receive effective counseling solutions that cover a full range of needs. Whether you’re looking for help healing after a trauma or you want to reclaim a sense of self or establish meaningful connection in a world where this is often difficult, the Lime Tree Counseling therapists are here to help.

Some of our areas of specialty include:

Our Therapists

When you choose to receive therapy services, it’s important that you find the right counselor. Like any other relationship, you need someone who gets you and can understand what you’re experiencing. Part of that is finding a therapist who has the training and experience to offer treatment for your specific area of need.

Below, we’ve shared a little bit about the specialty areas of each of our therapists, and you can learn more about them by visiting their individual bio pages. If you think you’ve found a good fit, we hope you’ll schedule a consultation call with one of our therapists to get to know them even better. We want to make sure you find the best counselor to help you achieve your unique therapy goals.

Katie Bailey, MA, LPC

Katie specializes in trauma, emotional abuse, EMDR, and grief counseling.


Hannah Mosser, MA, LPC

Hannah Mosser, MA, LPC anxiety counseling, grief therapy
Hannah works with adults & teens dealing with trauma, grief and anxiety.


Alana Gregg, MS

Alana works with adults, couples, and teens dealing with anxiety, depression, and grief.


Nate Bailey, MA, LPC

Nate specializes in working with adults and focuses on therapy for addictions and depression.


Lauren Thomas, MA, LPC

Lauren works with teens and adults, focusing on trauma and anxiety counseling.


Marcia Murphy, MA

Marcia focuses on helping her clients learn new ways to conquer their anxiety.


Andrew Lemon, MA Intern

Andrew works with individuals and couples looking to grow through their trauma and anxiety.


Will Counseling Really Help Me?

In this video, Katie Bailey explains why counseling really does work. Our team wants to partner with you to reach your goals and experience life in a new way. This is why we do what we do!

Lime Tree Counseling’s Office In Lower Gwynedd, PA

Our office serves Ambler, Lansdale, Lower Gwynedd, Horsham, Dresher, Montgomery County, and surrounding areas.

We also offer online appointments for anyone in the states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Colorado.

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Please contact Lime Tree Counseling to schedule an appointment or a free consultation. We will get back to you as soon as possible and get you scheduled. In our Ambler, PA office, we serve all of Montgomery County, and our therapists are happy to offer online counseling sessions for residents of Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Colorado.