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Do I Need Anxiety Counseling?

Life is super busy. You have work, kids, friends, and other commitments. You love your family, and for the most part, things are good. And yet, every day you have this unsettled feeling. When will the next bad thing happen? You play the “what if” game: What if my spouse dies in a car crash? What if my kid’s fever is really cancer? What if I lose my job?  What if I look stupid during my work presentation?  What if no one likes me?

This constant worry is exhausting. You don’t sleep well, often waking up and staying up the rest of the night. You have tension in your neck and shoulders constantly. Sometimes your heart races and you feel lightheaded, and you’re not sure why.

You start to avoid places and people that feel overwhelming. Your family and friends don’t know what to say to help you. And sometimes, you get a little controlling, because having things your own way makes you feel better.  However, your loved ones don’t like it too much.

Stress and anxiety is a part of life for everyone; although, when your anxiety starts to impact your life, taking away your joy and overshadowing the good things, you will absolutely benefit from professional counseling.

You Are Not Alone

Some anxiety and stress is life is normal, even helpful.  When your anxiety starts to keep you from enjoying your days,  you should consider reaching out to a therapist who specializes in anxiety. The more we try to ignore it, the more anxiety grows.  You are not alone. Anxiety is a very common concern for many people.  Take the bold step to acknowledge you need help and you'll discover others around you fight anxiety as well.

What Happens in Anxiety Counseling?

We know how hard it can be to feel like anxiety has you frozen in life.  First we will help you describe and identify how your anxiety shows itself. We will work on coping skills and lifestyle changes to help you minimize the anxiety symptoms.  This could include mindfulness, grounding techniques, and help with sleep.  We will also work on how you view the big picture of your life and tweak any false beliefs that are feeding your anxiety.  So we will work on two levels, your day to day functioning, and also dig deeper into what fuels your anxiety.  

You will have the support of your therapist the whole way.  Slowly you will start to experience life with less and less anxiety.  Whether you are seeking help for trauma related anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks or general anxiety, we can help!

You Don't Have to Live with Anxiety or Panic Attacks

If you are ready to begin your journey toward reclaiming your life, we can help.  At Lime Tree Counseling, located in Lower Gwynedd, PA, we specialize in treating anxiety.  As a experienced counselors, we love to help people find healing. We look forward to helping you regain control of your life through therapy. Please contact Lime Tree Counseling to set up a free therapy consultation today!

 Our Pennsylvania counseling office is in Ambler, close to Spring House, Blue Bell, Horsham, Lansdale and surrounding areas. We also offer online therapy sessions when appropriate.   

Other Mental Health Services at Lime Tree Counseling

At Lime Tree Counseling, we specialize in helping teens, adults and couples live life to the fullest.  We offer online counseling sessions as well as in person therapy in our Lower Gwynedd office.  Whether you are looking for premarital counseling, marriage therapy, or Trauma/PTSD treatment, we are here to help.

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