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By Katie Bailey, MA, LPC

I hear it often. People have a friend or loved one who is hurting, but refuses to go to therapy. I really do understand how challenging it can be to set up that first appointment; however, I also know how effective counseling can be. I’ve sat in both chairs in the therapy office – so I know from the client and the therapist’s perspective, counseling can make a huge difference. Here are the most common objections I hear to therapy, and why I don’t think they’re true.

1. I don’t have time. We all have busy lives; however, we also need to prioritize the things that matter most. If your anxiety is impacting your daily life, keeping you from enjoying your family, performing well at work, or keeping you awake at night, you’re already spending time on it. Making time for counseling will help you learn how to manage the anxiety so it doesn’t interfere with your daily life, giving you back more time and enjoyment.

2. Therapy costs too much. True, there is a cost to counseling, and insurance doesn’t always help make it more affordable. Investing money into your well being could save you bigger costs later, like medical expenses, lost wages, or even divorce. Your emotional and relational health is worth every penny.

3. Talking about it won’t help. Talking to a therapist is not the same as talking to your friends or family. Professional counselors are trained to see your situation objectively, and know how to use different techniques to help you. Often times, people have never talked about the things that bother them. This often happens with people who have experienced a trauma. The truth is an untold story never heals. If you don’t tell your story, you won’t find healing. It’s like if you cut your arm and don’t clean it out. You can slap a bandage on it, but without cleaning it out, which can be painful, you won’t get healing. Our minds are the same. We have to tell those stories to get out the “infection” and let ourselves heal.

4. I don’t want to talk to a stranger. Working with a professional therapist gives you an objective person to provide unbiased feedback. You need someone unconnected from your life to be able to have that perspective. Also, professional therapists are required by law to keep your sessions confidential. Professional counselors are only required to share your information if you are a danger to yourself or someone else, or have information about child abuse. Otherwise, the law protects you and your story stays private between you and your therapist.

5. I’ve been to counseling before, and it didn’t help. I always tell my clients at the end of the first session that counselors are like shoes, some fit and some don’t. Chances are, if you’ve been before and it didn’t help, you probably didn’t have the right counselor. Don’t assume because you had a bad experience, you’re guaranteed to have it with all other counselors. Take a chance to work with someone new. Ask around for recommendations – and don’t be afraid to “break up” with a therapist if it’s not the right fit. I’d rather a client tell me so I can refer them to someone who will be able to help them, rather than stay with me because they don’t want to upset me. (Hint: It wouldn’t bother me. I want you to get the best help for you.)

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