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By Maddie Lukens, MA

As life in the United States returns to some semblance of “normal,” there are a few things I learned from the pandemic that I want to share with you. First, I realized what an incredible privilege it was/is to utilize various forms of technology in order to stay connected to our loved ones & continue to work. Second, when things like a global pandemic begin to affect our lives, our neighbors, and our world, things are brought into perspective. I have been able to re-evaluate what my goals are and the things in my life that I deem most important. Third, I learned A LOT about boundaries.  As a counselor, I talk a lot about boundaries with my clients, specifically in relation to other individuals in their lives, or sometimes boundaries with themselves. The boundaries I learned about were related to finding a work-life balance since my work and my life were happening in the same place – my home. I imagine you might be able to relate to a few of these examples as well.

One thing that felt initially weird and different, was providing treatment and support to people online. As much of our work is returning to the office again, there are some important aspects of online counseling that I believe are worth more consideration.

4 Reasons to Pursue Online Counseling in Colorado:

1. Accessibility.

Therapy for the first time has become consistently accessible for a variety of people. Being able to log into a session from your phone or computer has helped reduce barriers for many people trying to attend treatment. Examples include traffic, childcare, commuting, or navigating various schedules.

2. Work with a counselor from the comfort of your own home.

Throughout online therapy you may talk about some difficult things with your professional counselor. Sometimes it brings people great comfort to do hard things in a space they feel comfortable. This may include having your own pets, a pillow, or even your favorite snack.

3. Minimal preparation.

One of the nice things about pursuing Christian counseling or counseling for young adults is that there is not a whole lot of preparation that needs to be done if you plan on attending your session from your house or your car. There is no need to plan that extra meal as you rush from work to the counseling office. When we’re at home, often things have their own place, so if you journal or complete a homework assignment, there is no need to remember to bring it with you – just hop over to the next room to pick it up.

4. Get support.

We all find that we need help in different seasons of our life. Getting support is especially important during times of transition, after experiencing a loss and/or before making a big decision. Through online counseling in Colorado, getting the support you need is more accessible than ever.

If you’re still not convinced online counseling will work for you, here are three possible benefits you can experience through the support of online therapy.

3 Ways to Benefit from Online Counseling in Colorado:

1. Experience freedom and healing.

I have to admit, as a counselor I never imagined my job could be done effectively online, let alone with results that impact lives in a significant way. Given many of the reasons listed above, people I have worked with over the last 16 months have experienced healing and continue to experience healing. I am so proud of all the efforts I have seen my clients put forth throughout such a difficult year. It is possible to foster change and growth in an online environment.

2. Make changes you’ve been talking about, but haven’t made yet.

For some people, going to counseling is beneficial because they have a person in their life who consistently hold them accountable to implement behavior change. It is often easy to identify the things in life that we want to be different, but it is difficult to manage making these changes on our own. Whether it’s setting boundaries or changing unhealthy behaviors, online therapy in Colorado can help you find the motivation you need to make lasting change so you can continue to live a life you love.

3. Online therapy is a form of self-care.

If you haven’t read much about self-care, you can read more on our blog. For many people just processing their thoughts/ideas/experiences out loud with someone else helps them become better versions of themselves. There are many ways we care for ourselves, including getting regular exercise, eating healthy foods, having fun, finding time to rest, and discovering safe places to process thoughts and emotions. Online therapy can serve as rest for some, a safe place to process for others, and healing for many.

Taking the next step

I hope this gives you some new ideas to think about if you’re still considering online counseling in Colorado. If you’re interested in pursuing therapy for young adults, PTSD counseling, or trauma therapy, don’t hesitate to reach out today. You can schedule a free consultation with one of our counselors to see if they’re a good fit for you.