Christian Counseling

Bible. Christian Counseling in Ambler, PA 19002.

What is Christian Counseling?

There are many different ideas of what defines Christian counseling, as well as the methods or perspectives that should be utilized with clients.  At Lime Tree Counseling, every therapist on our team is a Christian, meaning we love Jesus and follow the Bible.  The way we see the world is through this Christian worldview.  While we value the Bible as the ultimate authority, we also believe God gave us science, psychology, and evidenced based practices.  Our goal is to use the wisdom God offers us (Proverbs 2) in order to use the tools of psychology to help us apply and understand the Bible's teachings to everyday, real life.

What kind of Christian Counseling will I get at Lime Tree?

We believe God made us to know Him, love Him, and love others. Here at Lime Tree, we want you to live life the way you were made to live.  Our approach to counseling is the same, whether our client requests Christian Counseling or not.  When a client asks to incorporate their faith into therapy sessions, we make sure to define the problem and goals through a Biblical lens, and rely upon the client's relationship with God as a means for both change and building safety knowing the client is loved and valued.

Common Concerns about Christian Counseling

As with any type of therapy, different therapists will have various approaches, and they will fit some clients better than others. We understand that. If you come see us for Christian Counseling, we want you to know up front that the following things will not happen.

· We will not tell you that your anxiety or depression is a result of a lack of faith on your part.

· We will not tell you to “Let go and let God.”  This is over simplistic and ignores the fact that God wants us to participate in our own growth.

· We don’t like divorce and certainly want to see couples stay married; however, we do believe certain situations call for divorce and that God values both spouses’ safety and sanity more than a couple staying married in those circumstances.

· We will never tell a woman in an abusive marriage she needs to submit more to her husband. This is not biblical or helpful. God does not accept abusive behavior and does not want us to allow it to continue. This includes physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

What if I was hurt by my church?

We realize that in our broken world, painful things happen, even in our churches.  If you experienced a hurt from a church, we understand.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you, to help you untangle truth from lies, and to find healing to move forward.