Culturally Sensitive Therapy

Are you feeling marginalized?


Have you felt like the “other?” Or like a foreigner, even though America is your home? Do you find yourself being in the minority often or turned to as the “token minority?” Have you struggled with feeling like you don’t belong? Or maybe you have felt the tension of not being fully accepted by neither your native culture nor dominant culture? If any of this resonates with you, you might find yourself often feeling misunderstood, or like an outsider, yearning to be seen, heard, and understood by someone who gets it. 

You are not alone.


When these feelings of isolation overwhelm you, it’s important to process these painful experiences with someone who understands and who has had significant cross-cultural experience to respect and honor your journey. Genevieve Kim acknowledges that we are living in times where it does not feel safe to be seen as different. As the daughter of immigrant parents, and as a second generation Korean American, she is passionate about providing a safe space for people of diverse backgrounds to feel heard and empowered. She is well aware of the challenges in family and social dynamics as it relates to the immigrant experience, trauma through generations, acculturation conflicts, racial and ethnic identity development, and how children of immigrant parents often find themselves in parental roles as they mediate on behalf of their parents due to language barriers. Her hope is that you can bring all of who you are, your authentic true self, knowing that you will be completely and fully accepted without any judgement. It is also important to note that if there is ever any aspect of your culture that she may not be as familiar with, she seeks to approach from a posture of curiosity, ready to listen and learn from you.

What is culturally sensitive therapy?

Culturally sensitive therapy is therapy in which the therapist respects and honors the client’s values, experiences, and belief systems without assigning more value to that of dominant culture. Space is made to recognize, grieve, and process experiences of oppression, discrimination, and suffering from being a person of color. Culturally sensitive therapists believe that it is more effective to diversify the therapeutic approach from person-to-person, depending on a client’s background, than to simply use the same cookie cutter treatment approach for everyone. The therapist does not take on a colorblind perspective, but instead, acknowledges and celebrates the unique qualities of your cultural background that make up who you are. The expectation and ultimate goals for both the therapist and the client are significant progress in reaching the client’s goals despite cross-cultural boundaries and differences. Meeting with a therapist who is culturally competent can make all the difference in feeling seen and understood. If this sounds like just what you have been looking for, or didn’t even know you needed, Genevieve would love to journey with you in finding healing in these areas and help you find ways to live life more freely, the way you were created to live.  


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