Counseling Fees

What about insurance?


We understand paying for counseling can be a concern, in a time when you are already feeling stress.  There are two options to pay for counseling: using your insurance or paying out of pocket.


Using your insurance to pay for counseling is convenient.  Most of the time you just pay your co-pay and the insurance company covers the rest.  A few things to keep in mind when using your insurance:

1. You have less choice.  You have to use someone in their network, so you may not get to go to the counselor you think is the best fit for you.

2. You have less flexibility and privacy. Your insurance company will dictate how many sessions you can attend.  They will also want a formal diagnosis and access to your records.

Paying Out of Pocket

Paying out of pocket gives you more flexibility and privacy.  You can of course simply pay your therapist's fees yourself.  Also, most insurance plans reimburse anywhere from 20%-70% for out-of-network providers. Check with your plan for your benefits.  Lime Tree Counseling has partnered with the Reimbursify app to make this process easier for our clients who wish to pay out of pocket and seek out of network reimbursement. 

Once you sign up with their app and send Reimbursify a photo of your insurance card, you can upload the superbills we provide you with to simplify the reimbursement process from your insurance. Reimbursify will submit your superbills to your health insurance on your behalf. Reimbursify is safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant. 

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We are so excited to be able to offer this service to our clients and provide more flexibility and ease in paying for counseling! Please be in touch with any questions.

Please note that only sessions with Katie Bailey, Genevieve Kim, & Nate Bailey will be eligible for out of network reimbursement at this time.


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