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Group Therapy

Often healing and growth come through connections. Group counseling

empowers you to share your story and learn from others in similar life circumstances.

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Group Counseling

Moving Forward in Life Through Relationships

Group Counseling provides a very powerful tool – community. We were all made to have real connections with one another. Often times what propels us forward through a rough patch is being understood, and knowing others have had similar experiecnes. At Lime Tree Counseling, we believe in the power of healing through relationships. Our experienced counselors offer a variety of groups throughout the year.  Check out some of our current groups below. Ready to get started? Contact us today to set up your intitial appointment and get set up to join the group!

Group Counseling Services

Why Group Therapy?

Often times, the reason we are hurt is because of our interactions with other people. Whether it’s social anxiety, a past abusive relationship, your substance use, or anything else, relationships with other humans can be messy.  Yet, we need each other. Group therapy offers a unique opportunity to heal from past hurts and grow with new skills through relationships with others. The actual thing that made us struggle can offer healing – other people.  But this time, you will be with people who understand you and are working towards similar life goals.

How does Group Counseling work?

First, you meet for a one one one session with the group leader.  We call this an intake session.  This is an opportunity for you and the counselor to make sure you are a good fit for the group. After that, you will attend regular group sessions, lead by the counselor.  The length of group sessions varies, but is typically 1 to 1.5 hours. Each week the counselor will lead the group through a specific topic, all geared toward reaching your common goals. There will be plenty of time for group members to share and support one another. Group sessions are of course less confidential than an individual session.  Each group member will sign and agree to group rules, which include protecting each other’s privacy. The counselor will go over the group rules at the first group session.

Current Group Offerings

Anxiety Group
Grief Group
Boundaries Group

Common Reasons People Seek Group Counseling

Our society is very isolating. Many people find group counseling very helpful for several reasons, including:

  • People benefit from not facing challenges alone. Often people think they are the only one struggling with a particular issue. The truth is we all have areas to work on, and group counseling helps us do that along side others.
  • Group counseling is more affordable. Since multiple people are in the group, the cost of a group session is considerably less than an individual session.
  • People can practice new skills with group members before using them in the real world, such as boundary setting or positive conflict resolution.
  • Group therapy allows people to share what they have learned with others.  The knowledge of having helped other people is also very healing for many individuals.
  • Many challenges in life cannot be overcome alone. Encouragement from support and others can lead to greater success in reaching goals.

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