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Group Therapy

Often healing and growth come through connections. Group counseling

empowers you to share your story and learn from others in similar life circumstances.

Group Counseling

Moving Forward in Life Through Relationships

Do you feel alone in your struggles? 

  • Do you wonder if you are the only one that feels like you do?
  • Have you asked yourself how others seem to have it all together?
  • Does it feel like no one understands you?
  • Do you feel unseen and unheard?

We all know life is hard, and feeling alone in our challenges often makes things worse. The truth is, everyone hurts. Everyone has struggles and challenges. When you keep those feelings plugged up inside you, and don’t ever connect with others who face similar pain points, you are actually blocking healing for yourself.

Our human brains were made for connection to one another. A foundational element of trauma recovery is healing in relationships. Group counseling offers a unique opportunity to do just that – be honest with yourself and other people about your struggles.  The people in the group will share similar experiences.  When these stories are shared, everyone will benefit from connecting together, encouraging each other in new skills and ways of thinking, and no longer feeling alone. 

Research shows that healthy social relationships not only help us emotionally and mentally, but physically as well.  Loneliness is a crisis in our society – and going through anxiety, trauma, difficult relationships, grief and loss – any of the hard stuff – is not meant to be done alone. Our bodies know it and feel it. Group counseling gives us the opportunity for meaningful, healing relationships with others that give our bodies what they need to heal and grow. 

Group Counseling Services

Everyone Faces Challenges In Life & Needs Support

No one is immune from hard things in life. No one. Even the people you think have it easy, definitely have something going on you don’t know about. We begin to grow in strength and healing when we allow ourselves to share our pains with other people, learn from them, allow others to learn from us, and support each other. This is how life is meant to be lived.  Anxiety, trauma, depression, all grow in strength until we are bold enough to let others into our experience. 

Perhaps the idea of sharing your story is scary. We understand that. You won’t be asked to share beyond your comfort level.  However, in group therapy, you will be nudged to share something – for your own healing as well as others.  Your story will help others in your group too!

Tired of feeling alone and misunderstood? Wishing for someone else to just “get it”? Our team at Lime Tree Counseling knows how lonely people are these days. We offer groups that meet this need, create spaces for people to share with each other, be honest, and support one another. Life is a team sport!  You need other people, and other people need you!

Group Counseling Creates Opportunities For Healing

Group counseling creates space for this kind of healing connection in ways individual therapy cannot.  Your group sessions are a place to truly get to know others who already have something in common with you – shared challenges. Your group therapist will guide each session, teach you new skills, and allow group members to share and encourage one another.  Group rules will be agreed upon in order to create a sense of safety among members. 

To start, you will meet one on one with the group counselor. During this initial meeting, the counselor will get to know you, your history and your goals to make sure you are placed in the group that best fits your needs. After that session, you will meet with your group weekly for one hour. During each session, the counselor will guide discussion on a particular topic and then facilitate group discussion and sharing. Group counseling also allows for each particular group to shape their own goals, have flexibility to adapt to each group’s needs. 

Group Counseling

Still have questions about Group Counseling?

  • Isn’t counseling expensive?
    • All counseling is an investment in yourself, your relationships, and your quality of life. Group counseling is actually more affordable than individual therapy.  While you do pay an individual therapy rate for you one on one meeting with the group counselor, after that you pay a reduced rate for each group session.
  • What if my issues are too big for the group?
    • Everyone can benefit from group therapy, no matter what they are facing. However, if you seem to need more time to discuss and process your own concerns, your group leader may recommend you seek individual therapy in addition to your group.
  • What if I don’t like the people in my group?
    • Every group member will have had a one on one intake session with the group therapist, in order to ensure a good fit for the group. If once the group starts you are uncomfortable with other group participants for any reason, you simply need to let your group therapist know.  We will help you problem solve and make changes if necessary. Our goal is a positive experience for everyone. 
  • Does group therapy really work?
    • Yes! Research shows group therapy is often the ideal fit for some clients.
  • How is group therapy different from talking to my friends or family?
    • Group therapy is led by a trained, professional counselor who will provide education on relevant topics to the group. Also, a professional therapist has training in facilitating the group effectively. Participating in a group with new people will also give you new perspectives and more objective insights than your friend and family can provide.

Current Group Offerings

Christian women's divorce group

Common Reasons People Seek Group Counseling

Our society is very isolating. Many people find group counseling very helpful for several reasons, including:

  • People benefit from not facing challenges alone. Often people think they are the only one struggling with a particular issue. The truth is we all have areas to work on, and group counseling helps us do that along side others.
  • Group counseling is more affordable. Since multiple people are in the group, the cost of a group session is considerably less than an individual session.
  • People can practice new skills with group members before using them in the real world, such as boundary setting or positive conflict resolution.
  • Group therapy allows people to share what they have learned with others.  The knowledge of having helped other people is also very healing for many individuals.
  • Many challenges in life cannot be overcome alone. Encouragement from support and others can lead to greater success in reaching goals.

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