Marriage Counseling

Your Relationship is Valuable

Couple smiling together. Couples therapy and marriage counseling in Ambler, PA 19002.

Life gets hectic and sometimes that means couples don't have the time they'd want to invest in their relationship. As couples navigate new phases of life, their relationship will change too.  Sometimes couples need help adapting to new circumstances.

Often couples speak different languages.  What couples fight about isn't as important as how they fight. We will help you and your spouse strengthen your marriage by learning to speak in ways you both can hear. You don't have to keep yelling and getting no where. You don't have to keep hurting each other. You can learn new ways to speak and actually hear each other. 

How We Help Couples

Marriage counseling and couples therapy in Ambler, PA 19002.

At Lime Tree Counseling, we truly believe all of us are made to be attached to the significant people in our lives. Our spouse should be the most important person in our lives, and also the person with whom we feel the safest. We help couples who are struggling to identify the patterns of behavior they keep repeating over and over, that just aren't working.  Often times partners find relief from simply seeing the behavior they keep repeating from a new perspective. 

Then we help couples learn new skills to communicate and meet each other's needs to strengthen their connection. Marriage is a team sport and works best when you support each other. Couples therapy is a safe place to learn and practice these new skills.

Strengthen Your Relationship

Older couple walking arm in arm. Couples therapy and marriage counseling in Ambler, PA 19002.

Our therapists realize coming into counseling can be strange or even scary.  Maybe there are things you have never said out loud, and you are afraid to acknowledge them. We love to help couples talk about those difficult things. When you finally speak about those things you've been avoiding, you take a huge step forward to strengthening your marriage.  Your relationship is too important to let it suffer.  Call Lime Tree Counseling today at 267-477-3265 or email today to set up an appointment and let's build your connection! We offer marriage counseling in our Ambler area office or via online counseling when appropriate.

What Happens In Marriage Therapy?

First Session of Couples Counseling

In our first session, you both will meet with your therapist.  This session is focused on the therapist getting to know you both as a couple, and getting idea of your struggles and your goals. Your therapist will listen to your story and ask questions to get to know you better and understand your specific situation.

Two Individual Sessions

After your initial session, your counselor will meet with each of you individually for one session each.  This allows the marriage therapist to get to know you both more in depth, especially to understand your background and how that influences your marriage today.

On Going Marriage Therapy Session

After these beginning assessment sessions, you both will meet with your therapist in each appointment. You will begin to work on your goals and practice new skills to heal and deepen your relationship.

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Relationship & Couples Counseling: Strengthen Your Marriage

Do you want to be more connected to your partner? Do you want to fight less and enjoy each other more? Our therapists can help you find a deeper connection with each other!

Additional Counseling Services at Lime Tree Counseling

Trauma & PTSD Treatment

We also specialize in trauma and PTSD therapy.  Sometimes one partner's trauma background effects the relationship.  In these cases, the one partner will find it helpful to do some trauma counseling before couples therapy.

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety can be overwhelming. Whether it's a constant worrying or more intense panic attacks, no one should endure regular anxiety.  If you or your spouse struggles in this area, please consider anxiety treatment.