Nate Bailey, MA, LPC


Addictions Specialist and Depression Treatment

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Nothing is enjoyable at all, and you feel like you’re walking through mud every second of everyday? Depression can be like carrying a heavy weight everywhere you go.  Addiction is also a heavy burden to shake. Are you stuck in a cycle of addiction and can’t seem to break it for good? Are you hiding substance use or keeping secrets from the people around you? Have you set limits for yourself only to find you break them? Are others concerned about your behavior or substance use? Do you get angry when others express their concern? Do you dread tomorrow?

I can help you find relief from depression and addiction. I understand how hopeless and stuck you may feel. This doesn’t have to control you. People can change and build healthy habits and lifestyles. Recovery is possible.

I have many years of experience in helping adults learn how to live life differently, heal past hurts, and move forward with new skills to manage depression and addictions. I work with people struggling with all kinds of addictions, including substance use, pornography, and gambling.

I offer addiction therapy and depression counseling in our Ambler, PA office or online counseling for Pennsylvania residents when appropriate. 

Treatment Focus

Our first session will be us getting to know each other better, and working as a team to set your counseling goals. I understand many people coming into therapy feel nervous, so we will work at your own pace.  We will review your goals throughout our time working together, and adjust our plan as necessary. I welcome all feedback on your counseling experience.

My Christian faith is the lens through which I view the world, and important part of who I am. I provide Christian counseling for those who request it; however, I have experience in working with clients of any or no faith. We can discuss spiritual matters to whatever extent you are comfortable.

Nate's Background

My BS is in Psychology from York College of Pennsylvania.  I completed my masters in Clinical Counseling at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA. Since 2002, I have worked in the mental health field within a variety of settings including outpatient, hospital, and residential.  I also had the privilege of helping to establish the Drug Court program in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. I have experience in working with those serving in the military and their families.

I currently work full time as the Senior Director of Training for a statewide behavioral health agency and as an Adjunct Professor for Eastern University’s graduate program in Counseling and Psychology.

When I’m not working, I enjoy time with my wife, Katie, and our three children. I also love coffee, reading, and woodworking.

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