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By Katie Bailey, MA, LPC

Everyone needs help sometimes. I know that picking up the phone, or even sending an email, to a therapist can be intimidating. The truth is, taking that step and seeking help could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Here are some of the most common things I hear that keep people from getting the help they need.

1. Do I need to be in counseling forever?

No, in fact, you shouldn’t be in counseling forever. You may need to come back in from time to time based on circumstances, but counseling should not be a never-ending endeavor. I help clients achieve their goals in order to then move ahead and experience the joy in life they were meant to have. The time frame for counseling will vary from client to client depending on needs and the situation. But don’t let fear of never being done with counseling keep you from giving it a shot. If you are stuck or struggling, give me a call and let’s make a plan to get you back on track!

2. Counseling is expensive!

Counseling is a financial investment, but isn’t your mental and emotional well-being worth it? How you feel and function literally affects every other aspect of your life. Your relationships are the most important part of life, and the time and money you spend to improve them will never be wasted. There is no better investment. I can show you how to use the Reimbersify app to make getting out of network reimbursement from your insurance company so easy, helping cover your costs.

3. I will be embarrassed if people know I go to counseling.

No one has to know. My office is in a private setting, chances are you won’t see anyone you know here. Perhaps, consider online counseling. You don’t have to tell anyone you don’t want to know that you are seeing a therapist. Also, keep in mind, there are likely many people you know that see counselors too, and just haven’t told you. Everyone struggles and needs help sometimes! Contact us today.