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Alana Gregg

I specialize in helping people minimize the impact of their anxiety while at the
same time working to find the root of the worry or panic.

Meet Alana Gregg, MA – Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor in Ambler, PA

Grief Therapy, Anxiety Treatment & Marriage Counseling 

We all need someone to walk with us at difficult moments in our life journey, and if you’re on a bumpy road right now, I’d love to walk it with you. Whether you’re struggling after a loss, dealing with overwhelming anxiety, or just having a tough time during a life transition, let’s get together to talk about how to embrace your complex and difficult feelings and experiences. Then, let’s talk about where you want to go from here and how you get there.

Alana’s Treatment Focus

Grief is a roller coaster ride for everyone – and no one’s journey is the same. Have you had a loss of a loved one and feel paralyzed to move forward? Maybe you can’t imagine life without this constant pain, or even feel guilty if you do have a moment of joy. I understand that back and forth, and I can help you learn to manage your emotions, find deep healing, and learn to live life again.

Life is stressful, no one can avoid that. Sometimes, our anxiety grows beyond typical daily stress, and impacts our quality of life.

I specialize in helping people minimize the impact of their anxiety while at the same time working to find the root of the worry or panic. You don’t have to keep living in constant fear of the next bad thing. There is hope to live life without panic.

I have several years of experience working with teens, so I understand their world and what being an adolescent is like these days. It’s not easy. Often, teens will talk more easily to adults other than their parents. I can help your teen vocalize what they are feeling and help them learn the skills necessary to cope with life’s ups and downs. I also help parents learn how to better connect with their teens.

I also have expertise helping couples reconnect and improve communication.  If you and your spouse feel distant, or if you had something rupture your relationship, I can help you grow in understanding of one another. 


Therapy Sessions with Alana

I know that coming in for counseling can be difficult. My priority is to create a comfortable, safe experience for you to work toward your goals. We will work at your pace, and review our progress regularly.

My Christian faith is central to who I am and how I see the world. I offer Christian counseling to clients who desire it. I also work with clients of any faith, and will discuss spiritual concerns as the client requests.

Alana’s Background

I received my MS in counseling from Cairn University in 2006. I love spending time with my husband and three children. In my spare time (lets be honest, what moms have spare time), I like to read, run with my dog, and go to the beach.

Alana’s Therapeutic Approach

I integrate several approaches including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy

Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor

Alana works with clients who reside in Pennsylvania.

I completed my Masters in Counseling degree at Cairn University, and I’m currently working to accrue the required number of hours for state licensure. My work at Lime Tree Counseling is supervised by Katie Bailey, M.A., LPC.

Meet Alana Gregg, MA

Listen to Alana talk about how she can help you! Alana specializes in working with adults, couples, and teens, offering therapy to support those who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and grief.

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