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Andrew Lemon

I work with those who want to better understand their story and how trauma may have shaped it,
including the impact of anxiety and depression.

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Meet Andrew Lemon, Counseling Intern in Ambler, PA

Trauma Counseling, Marriage Therapy, & Anxiety Treatment

Something we experience things in life that are hard to talk about. We bottle it up inside, hoping it will just get better with time. Yet, that doesn’t work. Anxiety creeps in, relationships struggle, and daily life feels just so hard. Sometimes we isolate ourselves from others, but actually what we need is better connections to heal. Starting therapy allows you to have a safe person, trained in mental health, to help guide you on the road to feeling better. You absolutely can feel better, and you definitely don’t have to do it alone.

Andrew’s Treatment Focus

We all have faced challenges in life, and I help people face the impact of those hard experiences on their present life. I work with those who want to explore trauma and how that impacts their daily living, specifically around childhood trauma, complex trauma, emotional abuse and relationship obstacles.  Together, we will work to help alleviate anxiety and depression, as well as improve your relationships.

I work primarily out of a person-centered therapy style, allowing the client to direct and lead where they would like to go in the session and what they would like to discuss, the client is the expert of their own story. I use other styles and approaches as needed.

I work with individuals and couples.


Therapy Sessions with Andrew

When one comes in for counseling, one may be coming in with many different emotions, fearful, anxious, determined, I understand I’ve been there before. You may be coming in with a story or situation that may have brought you in for counseling, but that story is part of a larger story of your life. My desire is to go at your pace to help you explore the story you are bringing in and hopefully make some connections to the larger story of your life. I desire to honor you and your story and to make you feel comfortable in the counseling session.

The intersection of Psychology and Theology is of great interest to me. I would identify as a Christian who does counseling, not a Christian Counselor. I am open to having faith informing our counseling sessions as much or as little as you may desire.

I’m interested in helping you arrive at the core of your issue. My goal is to support you in achieving long-term deep changes, not just superficial quick fixes.

Masters Level Counseling Intern

Andrew is a Masters of Counseling student at Missio Seminary in Philadelphia.  His work at Lime Tree Counseling is supervised by Nate Bailey, MA, LPC.


I am a Master of Counseling (licensure track) student at Missio Seminary in Philadelphia, graduating in May 2024. I have a Bachelors in Pastoral Ministry from University of Valley Forge (2009) and a Master’s in Human Services from Wilmington University (2018).

Since 2009 I have been involved in pastoral counseling working in various ministry settings, before beginning my schooling to become a counselor. Additionally, I have worked doing social work in the child welfare system in Philadelphia over the last 8 years in various roles.

My journey to becoming a counselor has been the intersection of my own story and childhood, ministry endeavors and working in the child welfare system in Philadelphia. All 3 of these have brought me in touch with trauma and its effects. Some of my biggest influences that have shaped my approach to counseling would be Dan Allender, Curt Thompson, Diane Langberg, and Bessel Van der Kolk.

When not counseling or in school for counseling, I enjoy spending time with my wife, children, and friends. I enjoy coffee, playing basketball, mountain biking, camping, and traveling.

Andrew’s Therapeutic Approach

  • Trauma Informed Therapy
  • Person Centered Therapy Approach
  • Narrative Therapy

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