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.Katie Bailey

I work with people who have had a trauma – any overwhelming event –
especially childhood sexual abuse and all kinds of emotional abuse.

Meet Katie Bailey – Licensed Professional Counselor in Ambler, PA

PTSD & Trauma Treatment & Anxiety Therapy

Have you had an overwhelming, stressful event in life that makes you feel stuck? Maybe panic attacks, nightmares or constant worrying control your day? Are you always scared of when the next bad thing will happen? I can help you.

Katie’s Treatment Focus

I work with people who have had a trauma – any overwhelming event – especially childhood sexual abuse, rape, or sexual assault. Often, we don’t understand our body’s normal response to trauma. Many survivors of all kinds of traumatic events struggle to believe life can get better. I want to help you understand where you are and move forward.

I also work with people who struggle with anxiety, both those who have elevated anxiety that is connected to a trauma and those whose anxiety comes from other sources. Constant worry and panic attacks are no way to live. I can help you reclaim peace and enjoy life again. I offer anxiety treatment in Ambler, PA and online anxiety counseling to residents of North Carolina and Colorado.

Therapy Sessions with Katie

Katie works with clients in Pennsylvania and Colorado

Most importantly, I want you to feel comfortable with me throughout the therapy process, so we can work as a team toward your goals. I realize that coming in for counseling is often very difficult. You’ve been trying to manage your pain and challenges on your own, and it’s just not working anymore. I understand. Our first session will focus on us getting to know each other and coming up with a plan to meet your goals. We will review those goals periodically and make sure we are headed the right direction. My desire is to work myself out of a job, and to see you live the life you were made to live.

My Christian faith is an important part of who I am. How I think about anything is framed in this worldview. I provide Christian counseling for those who desire it. I am open to discussing a client’s spiritual life as much or as little in sessions as matches the client’s comfort level.

I truly believe I have the best job ever. I know from experience how hard life can be sometimes. I also know, when we face those difficult things, we find healing. We just can’t face those things alone. Whatever is holding you back or impacting your relationships with others, you can achieve growth and healing.

Katie’s Background

I have been in the counseling field since 2002. I received my BA in Psychology and BBA in Marketing from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. My Masters in Clinical Counseling is from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA. After many years working in different settings, I started Lime Tree Counseling my specialties, including trauma and PTSD treatment, anxiety treatment, and marriage counseling in my Ambler office and online.

When I’m not in my counseling office, I’m playing with my husband and three kids. I also love knitting, reading, and cheering on the Red Sox. In the last year, I discovered a new love of paddle boarding. Someday, I’d like to do yoga on my paddle board!

Katie’s Therapeutic Approach

I am trained in and utilize:

Meet Katie Bailey, MA, LPC, ACS

Listen to Katie talk about why she loves counseling, and how she can help you. Katie specializes in emotional abuse counseling, anxiety treatment, sexual abuse counseling, marriage counseling and PTSD treatment.

Speaking & Media

Training & Interviews

Katie has given presentations at businesses, community groups, and churches. She speaks on her areas of expertise in the mental health field, including trauma and PTSD, emotional abuse, anxiety, and spiritual growth.

Katie has also been featured on various websites, podcasts, and radio shows, including upjourney.com and the Practice of the Practice podcast.

If you’d like Katie to speak at your next event, please contact us today! We would love to hear more about what you are looking for and how Katie can help.

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