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Lauren Thomas

Lauren works with teens and adults, focusing on trauma, EMDR and
anxiety counseling.

Trauma Therapy, Anxiety Counseling, and Young Adult Counselor

Life can be overwhelming at times. Both our own choices and the choices of others can have long-lasting consequences on our emotional and mental health. I have experience working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. The trauma you have experienced may have led to feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness. It’s hard to know who to trust, so you have a hard time connecting with others. Perhaps shame has kept you from sharing your story before now. I want to provide a safe space for you to share your experience and help you set goals for what you would like your future to look like moving forward.

We live busy lives. We juggle work, relationships, and a multitude of responsibilities, trying to carve out self-care when we can. We process a deluge of national and global news through social media on our phones. Stress is a normal response to all this; however, when anxiety is interfering with your daily life and you struggle to find the joy in living, it is time to seek help. I desire to see you walk in freedom from constant worry and panic. Together we will discuss coping skills and set goals for how to keep anxiety from controlling your life.

I enjoy working with older teens and college students/young adults as they navigate career aspirations, peer relationships, and form their values and identity separately from their families of origin for the first time. Starting a new life on your own, beginning a career or post-grad study, and dating can be exciting but also overwhelming. If you need some help through these uncharted waters, please reach out!

EMDR Trained Therapist

Lauren is trained in the evidenced based EMDR therapy.  Learn more about EMDR and how it can help with trauma, grief and anxiety. 


Licensed Professional Counselor

Lauren works online only with clients who reside in Pennsylvania or North Carolina. 


Counseling Focus

My Christian faith shapes who I am and my view of the world. I offer Christian counseling upon request. If you are not a Christian, that is okay, too. I respect those who come from various faith backgrounds or none at all.

My main goal as a counselor is to see you overcome emotional and mental barriers to living a full life. I desire for you to find healing from your wounds and old patterns of engaging with the world. My hope is to create a safe environment for you to share your story and learn new patterns that will help you grow and thrive.

I consider it a privilege to walk with you in your journey toward healing and hope to be a voice of compassion and truth. We will set goals for your treatment at the beginning, and then re-evaluate them as we continue meeting together.

Lauren’s Background

I received my BA in Sociology in 2002 from Wake Forest University and my MA in Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2005. After graduation, I was a Shelter Manager at a local domestic violence/sexual assault non-profit agency in NC. I mentored college students with Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship at Duke and Elon Universities for a few years following.

I love being a wife to my husband, Randy, and a homeschooling mom to my two sons. I enjoy live music and theater, movies, and traveling in my spare time.

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