Maddie Lukens

I help young adults overcome anxiety and heal from trauma

in Pennsylvania and Colorado.

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Maddie Lukens – Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania & Colorado

Anxiety Counselor, Young Adult Therapist, Trauma Counselor

I understand life is challenging – we feel broken, lonely, and lost at times, which can cause frustration, hurt, or stagnation. My deepest desire for every person is to walk in freedom and wholeness – I want to help you get there. As a counselor, getting to come alongside someone during any season of their journey in life is an honor.

My main goal is to partner with you to find healing, empowerment and freedom in the midst of your circumstances. Whether you’ve been deeply hurt in your past or need help navigating your future, finding the language for your story might be the first step.

Maddie’s Treatment Focus

I have experience working with grieving individuals and families, as well as a background in understanding “third culture” kids and families and the tangled feelings that accompany re-entry into their “passport culture” after living in other parts of the world. I have interest in partnering with individuals and families affected by foster care/adoption, whether it is related to family reunification, adjusting to new placements, or support for anything in between. I also have experience working with people overcoming anxiety and depression.

Therapy Sessions with Maddie

During our sessions together we establish goals, talk about where you hope to be, and work together at your pace to help you get there. Periodically, we will look back to see how far you’ve come and look ahead to make sure we are moving in the right direction. I understand asking for or receiving help might feel uncomfortable, but deciding to take that first step and schedule a counseling appointment is courageous!

I partner with my clients in counseling and encourage them to give feedback to help guide our process. If we aren’t talking about what you want to work through, just let me know, and we will adjust as necessary. I like to maintain perspective of both the big and little picture – this is everything from the day to day challenges you might experience, to the deeper, more ingrained patterns you’ve learned, developed, and adapted to over your life time. I approach each new client as a whole individual with a past, present, and bright future.

Although my Christian faith is a component of who I am, I understand it might not be a part of who you are, and that is okay. I would love the opportunity to work with you, even if we come from different cultural or spiritual backgrounds. We can talk about spirituality a little bit, or not at all – it is simply up to you. I offer Christian Counseling for clients who request it.

Maddie’s Background

I grew up in New Mexico and went to college in Flagstaff, Arizona. After receiving my B.S. in psychology from Northern Arizona University, I moved to Pennsylvania to pursue my M.A. in Counseling at Eastern University. I passed the National Counselor Exam in October of 2018 and then left the country for a year to serve and do mission work overseas for a variety of organizations.

In my spare time I enjoy being outside, reading, drinking coffee, traveling, and exploring new places.

Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor Offering Online Counseling

Maddie works with clients in both Pennsylvania and Colorado.

I am currently working towards completing supervision hours required for licensure in the states of Pennsylvania and Colorado.  My work at Lime Tree Counseling is supervised by Katie Bailey, M.A., LPC.

Meet Maddie Lukens, MA

Listen to Maddie talk about how she can help you! Maddie specializes in working with adults and teens, offering grief therapy, anxiety treatment, counseling for individuals dealing with depression, and therapy for those who are navigating complex cultural challenges.

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