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Sherry Breslin

Individuals and Couples

Meet Sherry Breslin, MS

I enjoy working with all types of people who may not even be able to put into words what they are experiencing.   Sometimes life experiences, events, and relationships can leave your body and your mind in a constant state of anxiety, confusion, and exhaustion.   I like to come alongside those who are feeling anxious, disconnected, depressed, and stuck.  Maybe you are waking up to feelings of dread and ambivalence, or perhaps it is hard for you to fall asleep at night with no rest in sight.  Your health and wellbeing are of great value, I look forward to discovering what that looks like for you.   

I have worked primarily with adults across a spectrum of challenges from traumatic abuse, partner betrayal, anxiety, grief, perfectionism, and obsessive thoughts.  This can be a challenging season of your life, feeling stuck and uncertain about your future.  Restoration and healing are possible.   Humans were created for connection and when that connection is broken through loss of a relationship or a loved one, through a breakdown in communication it can begin to impact your physical and emotional wellbeing.   

Walking through life feeling misunderstood can be a lonely place, having words spoken over you or to you may be taking its toll on your sense of self.  Believing that you can figure it out and wanting to fix it on your own sounds wonderful but the truth is rugged individualism only cultivates further isolation and disconnection.  It can be hard to ask for help, it can “feel” like you are the problem but I want to encourage you to break free from that isolation.  You don’t have to do it alone, as a counselor I can walk through that valley of isolation or despair with you.   No one wants to find themselves in such a place and it can be hard to talk about but it is sometimes the first step in a new life giving direction.   I am glad that you are exploring and taking that step, you are worth it even if you don’t really believe that right now.

Individuals & Couples

Getting to know each individual and the life events that have shaped the way you interact with others and the world.  Further learning how this is impacting your relationships and discovering where you are and what that is like for you is where we will begin.   I work from an eclectic perspective understanding that each person is unique and complex.  Using evidence-based therapeutic approaches to transform the heart, mind, and nervous system for more effective living.   I enjoy using emotion focused therapy (EFT), attachment theory, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), polyvagal theory and others to inform my approach to counseling.   I like to take a process oriented approach while setting goals to promote the life changing results that you desire. 

I work with individuals and with couples.

Therapy Sessions with Sherry

Providing a safe, confidential and comfortable space for each individual to share their story, their heartfelt concerns, and to establish a path to healing is where I will meet you.  It takes courage to reach out and ask for help especially when you are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, pain, and distress.  Together we can unpack what is holding you back from flourishing and living the life that only you were created to live.  Exploring your core values and strengths to promote your ability to live in alignment with who you are. 

My Background

I have previously worked with adults in private psychiatric facilities with a diverse range of diagnosis and also with women who have experienced traumatic abuse, anxiety, depression, and grief.   I earned my undergraduate degree in Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University and my MS in counseling from Cairn University in 2023. 

Informed by a lifetime of my own lived experiences I feel capable of relating to all types of people.  Since childhood I have always been intrigued with why people do the things that they do and the stories they tell.  As a counselor, I hope to promote healing by helping each person find restoration to their sense of self and their ability to live into the fullness that they were created to live. 

I am a  Christian which informs my worldview and I can be a resource for those struggling with their faith.  It is important to me to also counsel those who do not have faith and to be available to all people regardless of their faith walk.

My work at Lime Tree Counseling is supervised by Katie Bailey, MA, LPC as I work towards my hours for licensure in Pennsylvania. 

When I’m enjoying free time you can find me running with a friend, enjoying my family, cooking/baking, studying scripture, walking my dog, transforming something old into something useful,  and always learning. 


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