Premarital Counseling

Bride and groom holding hands.  Premarital counseling Philadelphia. Near Ambler, PA 19002

Planning for the wedding takes a lot of time and investment.  But what about your marriage? The wedding is one day, your marriage is hopefully, a lifetime. Research shows that if you participate in premarital counseling, you can lower your chances of divorce by 30%.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Katie has worked with many couples over the years, both in premarital counseling, and for marriage counseling many years down the road. She has seen how quality premarital counseling can set up couples to better navigate the challenges that all married couples will face.

How many kids do you want? Do you expect faith to be an important part of your marriage? Do you wish your partner would share more feelings with you?  Who's family will you visit for Thanksgiving? What expectations do you have about who will do household tasks? How will you manage your money? These are just some of the questions we explore in premarital counseling. While preparing for the wedding, most couples focus on flowers, dresses,  reception music, and honeymoon plans.  These details are fun, but don't last forever.  How you talk to your spouse, and getting on the same page with your expectations for marriage have life long implications. 

Start your marriage off strong with Premarital Counseling.

There's no better investment than preparing for your marriage.  With years of counseling experience, Katie will guide you through the tough topics.  With Katie, you will discuss any areas of your relationship that you find challenging.  Together you will work as a team to prepare you for a long, fulfilling marriage.

How It Works

Katie uses the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment with premarital couples. You will receive   an online link and code and you both log in separately and complete the assessment. PREPARE/ENRICH is an evidenced-based tool to help prepare couples for all aspects of marriage.  After you complete the assessment you will review the results with your counselor, learning important tools to strengthen your marriage.