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Grief Counseling

We are here to tell you that grief is part of life, and although painful,
it is necessary in order to move forward in a healthy way

Are you wondering how the world goes on when your life is shattered?

Have you lost someone you loved? Do your days feel like you’re walking through the mud, in a daze, and you wonder how you will ever move forward?  Even thinking or talking about the person you lost might feel overwhelming.  Your daily life is suddenly very challenging.  You’re not sleeping, you struggle to focus, and your emotions jump up and slap you in the face when you least expect it.  You can’t predict when the tears will come. Maybe you avoid thinking about your loss all together because it’s just too much to bear.

Grief is very physical as well as emotional and spiritual.  In fact, it’s down right exhausting. Often, loneliness is part of grief, even if you are surrounded by others.  Well intentioned people can say hurtful things, making you feel no one understands and even more alone. Eventually people might tell you to be “over it” already.  Let’s be real – you will never truly be “over it”.

Grief is normal & necessary

Sometimes what we grieve is obvious – the death of the people we love or even losing a job. But more often, the changing of friendships, relationship status, or general transitions in life can lead to grief. Breakups, moving to a new town, pursuing dreams, and changing direction are all part of life. Sometimes, we forget to acknowledge the hard part about leaving a job, relationship, friendship, or hometown. Then, a few months into the transition, we are left feeling empty and somewhat lost.

Many people describe feeling lost, living in a fog, and exhausted when dealing with grief.  The truth is, we all experience loss at some point.  And we all experience grief differently. No matter what grief is like for each of us, we all must go through it – not around it – in order to bring healing.  In fact, if you avoid grief, you are only postponing the inevitable. Your body knows – and will keep letting you know – you have grief to work through.

In light of recent changes in your life, you might be feeling stuck, frustrated, anxious, depressed, or numb – but the fact of the matter is, your grief is unique to you. You are hoping to get back to “normal life,” but at times, you’re wondering what life would be if it felt “normal” again. Everyday tasks – like going grocery shopping, cleaning your house, or playing with your pet – feel daunting and challenging.


People hugging. Grief Therapy

Will Grief Therapy Really Help Me?

Your life has changed significantly and adjusting to your new “normal” is not an easy task. That is where we come in. Here at Lime Tree Counseling, we are specialists in helping people process and walk through grief to come out on the other side of it stronger. We won’t just offer you ways to cope. Instead, we partner with you to find hope, healing, and freedom.  Imagine your loss like a deep cut on your arm. Grief therapy is the antiseptic to get all the “gunk” out – the painful feelings – and once we do, healing can come.  You likely will have a scar, but the wound won’t be raw anymore. That’s the goal of grief counseling. You will never forget your lost loved one, but through therapy, it will “sting” less.

Imagine enjoying life again. Not feeling guilty for continuing to live while also cherishing the special memories you have with your loved one. Life won’t feel the same as it once did – but there is hope to discover newness and joyfulness in life again. We will be working ourselves out of a job, and that’s what we like to see! The goal isn’t to keep you in counseling forever, but to get you back to the point where you feel functional, healthy, and whole again.


Questions About Grief Counseling?

  • I’ve heard about the stages of grief. Is grief therapy really like that?

    • There is a misconception about grief that a person simply moves through the “stages” – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance – and then, they are suddenly better. Grief is not as simple as a checklist – there are not just stages you move through and are done with. Although this tool is helpful, it is often not talked about how a person can move back and forth through each stage and experience all of the stages several times. When a person feels “stuck” in their grief, it might be that they are stuck in between stages, and they are having trouble moving forward.
  • How long will grief counseling take?

    • Truthfully, the answer is we don’t know. The circumstances of everyone’s situation is different, and everyone works at a different pace. At Lime Tree Counseling, we believe therapy should have an end point, and we will work with you to determine when that is for you. We don’t believe in keeping people in therapy forever.
  • I think I might need grief counseling, but I’m scared it will be too difficult.

    • We get it. Really, we do.  Our counselors are specialists in grief work. We will work at your pace and guide you with compassion. If you ignore your grief, it will create bigger issues in your life.  Our team at Lime Tree Counseling wants to be with you, and face the pain together.

You Can Move Forward From Grief

Perhaps you have had experience in counseling already and it didn’t go the way you hoped. Maybe you’ve never seen a counselor and are unsure where to start. Wherever you are on your journey – if anything you’ve read on this page resonates with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are experts at helping people grieve and process, so they can come out on the other side stronger and more capable. Together, we can cultivate hope, heal from past hurts, and discover more of the life you were meant to live. We are here for you – you don’t have to be alone in your suffering. While we understand that finding the right counselor can be scary, one way we hope to make this process easier is by offering a free phone consultation. During this consultation, we’ll talk briefly over the phone to see if you’d like to come in for a session and take a step towards finding healing.

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