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Grief Counseling

We are here to tell you that grief is part of life, and although painful,
it is necessary in order to move forward in a healthy way.

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Grief Counseling in Ambler, PA

We live in a culture where it is difficult to talk about the things we miss, are sad about, or are grieving, and that is because most of us didn’t learn how to grieve, nor were we taught that grieving something we love is okay. We are here to tell you that grief is part of life, and although painful, it is necessary in order to move forward in a healthy way. After the death of a loved one or end of relationships or other losses, you may want to consider visiting us for grief counseling in our Ambler, PA practice. Our conveniently located Montgomery County counseling office serves Lower Gwynedd and surrounding communities, and we’re also happy to offer grief counseling online for anyone in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Colorado. You can read this page to find out more about therapy for grief and loss, and we’d love to hear from you when you’re ready to schedule a consultation visit or your first grief counseling session.

Why is Grief so Confusing?

Sometimes what we grieve is obvious – the death of the people we love or even losing a job. But more often, the changing of friendships, relationship status, or general transitions in life can lead to grief. Breakups, moving to a new town, pursuing dreams, and changing direction are all part of life. Sometimes, we forget to acknowledge the hard part about leaving a job, relationship, friendship, or hometown. Then, a few months into the transition, we are left feeling empty and somewhat lost.

We are bombarded with messages talking about how to grieve – or the right and wrong ways to grieve. Truthfully, the what, why, how, and when of grief looks different for each person – there is no “correct” way to grieve.

In light of recent changes in your life, you might be feeling stuck, frustrated, anxious, depressed, or numb – but the fact of the matter is, your grief is unique to you. You are hoping to get back to “normal life,” but at times, you’re wondering what life would be if it felt “normal” again. Everyday tasks – like going grocery shopping, cleaning your house, or playing with your pet – feel daunting and challenging.

Will Grief Therapy Really Help Me?

Your life has changed significantly and adjusting to your new “normal” is not an easy task. That is where we come in. Here at Lime Tree Counseling, we are specialists in helping people process and walk through grief to come out on the other side of it stronger. We won’t just offer you ways to cope. Instead, we partner with you to find hope, healing, and freedom.

Imagine enjoying life again. Not feeling guilty for continuing to live while also cherishing the special memories you have with your loved one. Life won’t feel the same as it once did – but there is hope to discover newness and joyfulness in life again. If we do our job well, we will be working ourselves out of a job, and that’s what we like to see! The goal isn’t to keep you in counseling forever, but to get you back to the point where you feel functional, healthy, and whole again.

Why am I Having Such a Hard Time?

There are a number of ways to approach grief, and you may experience it in different ways throughout your life. We’re here to support your grieving process – whatever it looks like, but there are two VERY important things to know about grief before our first therapy session:

(1) There is a misconception about grief that a person simply moves through the “stages” – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance – and then, they are suddenly better. Grief is not as simple as a checklist – there are not just stages you move through and are done with. Although this tool is helpful, it is often not talked about how a person can move back and forth through each stage and experience all of the stages several times. When a person feels “stuck” in their grief, it might be that they are stuck in between stages, and they are having trouble moving forward.

(2) Grief can come in many forms, and it may look different every time you experience it. We understand choosing to reach out and ask for support is not easy, but neither is sitting alone in your grief. At Lime Tree Counseling, we take the time to understand your background and the life you live. There are so many experiences that make you who you are, and we want to take the time to understand all of the unique characteristics that make you, you. Then, we can work together to make progress and start living and feeling better.

Perhaps you have had experience in counseling already and it didn’t go the way you hoped. Maybe you’ve never seen a counselor and are unsure where to start. Wherever you are on your journey – if anything you’ve read on this page resonates with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are experts at helping people grieve and process, so they can come out on the other side stronger and more capable. Together, we can cultivate hope, heal from past hurts, and discover more of the life you were meant to live. We are here for you – you don’t have to be alone in your suffering. While we understand that finding the right counselor can be scary, one way we hope to make this process easier is by offering a free phone consultation. During this consultation, we’ll talk briefly over the phone to see if you’d like to come in for a session and take a step towards finding healing.

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