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Online Therapy

You can partner with one of our knowledgeable counselors to receive
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Online Counseling for Pennsylvania, North Carolina & Colorado

Struggling to find the right therapist near you?

Why is finding the right therapist so hard sometimes? At Lime Tree Counseling, we say therapists are like shoes, some fit and some don’t.  We hope we are a fit for you, and if so, we don’t want location to be a reason we cannot serve you. We hear from clients often about how challenging it is to find a therapist that is the right fit, at a convenient location, and has openings.  Not to mention finding a counselor will actually call you back and talk to you.  It shouldn’t be this hard!  When you are already facing hard things, you don’t need to be driving a long way to find the right therapist to help you. 

Our goal is to make our services as easy to use as possible.  We love that online therapy, or telehealth, allows us to share our expertise with people in a wider geographical area.  No matter how far you are from our office, our team can connect with you online and offer the very same expert therapy services we offer in person. Counseling licensing laws only allow us to see clients who are physically present in states in which we are licensed. At this time, we have therapists licensed in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Colorado. 

Does Online Therapy Really Work?

YES! Online counseling is absolutely just as effective as in person therapy. Research has shown that online therapy provides no difference in outcomes than in person therapy.  The National Center For Health Research wrote this article explaining the findings that therapy is more successful the longer a person attends, regardless of sessions being online or in person. 

At Lime Tree Counseling, we see online therapy successes every day.  The power of technology allows us to meet with clients who otherwise would not be getting quality, mental health care.   Whether it’s about the convenience of not commuting to an office, the flexibility in scheduling, or accessing our team of “right fit” therapists – online counseling is a great way to take care of your mental health. 

Common Reasons People Seek Online Therapy Sessions

Our world gets more digital every day. Many people find online therapy sessions very helpful for several reasons, including:

  • The therapist they want to see is too far from their home. In order to work the therapist who specializes in their area of need, they choose online counseling.
  • People with physical disabilities often find online therapy session easier to attend consistently.
  • Often college students who have started in person counseling want to continue working with their therapist when they go to school.
  • Parents with young children who struggle to find childcare often find online counseling sessions helpful. They can see their therapist when the children are sleeping.
  • Sometimes, online sessions are easier for people to work into their schedules.

How does Online Therapy happen?

We use a safe, HIPAA-compliant platform for video online counseling sessions, to ensure your confidentiality. Your counselor will send you a link for each appointment. All you have to do is click to join the session. You are responsible for making sure you are in a private location to ensure confidentiality.  Please make sure family members, roommates and others are in another room.  Pets are welcome to join the session if they are not a distraction.  Please don’t be driving when you join your session, and please don’t take your device into a private area, like the bathroom, while in your online counseling session. 

The activities during online counseling are very similar to in person sessions. You still work together with your therapist to set treatment goals, and the approach to therapy is the same. We conduct sessions from the confidential space of our office. Your therapist will wear headphones with a microphone to ensure you can hear each other clearly.  

Online Therapy

How is online therapy with Lime Tree Counseling different from some of the bigger online counseling companies?

Subscription based, online therapy companies are becoming more common. However, these platforms are focused on numbers, not your individual wellbeing.   Bigger online counseling services depend on high volume of subscribers to make money.  Often, they require their therapists to see a high number of clients in one day, leading to counselor burnout.  No research has shown texting to be an effective form of therapy.  Also, therapists commonly only get paid for a certain word count with texts – once you hit that, they just stop texting you altogether.  High turnover rates that these companies mean you’ll likely be changing therapists frequently.  Some reports state that these companies also sell your information to third parties.

With Lime Tree Counseling, our online services mirror our in-person services. We have a select, expert team of counselors who support each other to always do our best work for you, our clients.  We only use evidenced based practices, so you get the best results.  The quality of our work matters, not the quantity of people we can churn through a conveyor belt of therapy sessions or texts.  Your personal information is always confidential, as is required by law. 

Hear more about Teletherapy from Katie Bailey

In this video, Katie explains how easy it is to use telehealth counseling sessions. Even if you’re not sure, give online counseling a try. You’ll be surprised how simple it is, and it’s always important to make your mental wellness a priority!

Who is not a good fit for Online Counseling?

Online therapy sessions are not a good fit for you if:

  • You are having thoughts of hurting yourself or others
  • You are in a crisis or emergency situation
  • You are court ordered to attend therapy
  • You do not have a reliable internet connection

If any of these describe you, in person counseling will better meet your needs.

Get Started With Online Therapy Today

When you are ready, our team is here for you!  Contact us with any questions, we are glad to answer them all!  We can schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation for you to talk with a therapist and see if we are a fit.  Don’t wait any longer to get help – you are worth it! 

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