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Best Online Therapy in Colorado

Do you struggle to control intrusive thoughts, anxiety or panic attacks?

  • Have you noticed changes in your mood that have kept you from feeling present in your relationships?
  • Do you wish you could just feel “normal” again?
  • Have you noticed that irritability, outbursts, or anger have gotten in the way of you feeling connected to others?

It is exhausting trying to navigate the ups and downs of your mental health on your own. Our world has changed in drastic ways over the past few years and as a result of these continual changes and adjustments, your mental health may have taken a toll; thankfully, support for your mental health has become simple, convenient and accessible.

Anxiety, grief, depression, feelings of loneliness and anger are universal experiences. Being human means you experience fluctuations in your emotions, may have a hard time managing your thoughts and/or discovering that intimate relationships are much harder than you imagined. Being human means you likely aren’t “going to get it right,” and the beautiful part of this sentiment is that you don’t have to. Over time these personal challenges add up, you may notice you feel uncomfortable being out in public or talking with others.  You want to continue living life “normally,” but you aren’t sure how you got here and are uncertain about what to do next. 

Most People Need Additional Support to Learn How to Cope with Anxiety

Pursuing online counseling can feel intimidating and weird at first. You might not know what to expect or how online therapy is going to help you. It is normal to be nervous about working with someone you might not ever meet in person. We reassure you that your personal health information will be kept confidential, the program used for your session is HIPAA compliant and you will have the opportunity to talk with and learn from a professional. Research has shown that online and in-person counseling are both equally effective ways to help individuals, families and couples manage their mental health. 

For some individuals pursuing online counseling it is helpful to first have a phone consultation with your potential counselor. You will have the opportunity to share your hesitations or get your questions answered. As mental health continues to make its way to center-stage in conversations, in churches, schools and the wider community, it is important to know that you have reliable counseling services accessible to you in your home.  One of the wonderful benefits of online counseling in Colorado is that it doesn’t matter if you live as far south as Durango as far north as Fort Collins, or attend school at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS), you can trust that we have a professional on staff who can help you find the freedom from anxiety or healing from trauma you have been searching for.

Online Counseling Can Help You Find Freedom from Anxiety & Depression

Research has proven that both online counseling and in person counseling are equally effective in helping you achieve your goals and see the changes in your life you’ve been desiring. This is why we are passionate about providing online therapy to clients who may not otherwise be able to attend in person, have a difficult schedule, or who would benefit from attending counseling in an environment that feels comfortable for you. We have several decades of combined experience in practicing trauma-informed care and working at your pace to help you achieve your goals.  Imagine feeling comfortable in your own skin again and feeling confident going to a Red Rocks concert or a hike at Garden of the Gods.

During our time together, you can expect a few things from each licensed professional counselor on staff. First, we will take the time to talk with you about how online therapy works and answer any questions you have. Second, we will discuss your background and upbringing. Third, together we will set specific goals and identify the things you will need to cultivate success in online counseling. Fourth, you can expect us to meet you where you are, each time you hop on your computer. Counseling is not meant to be fast-paced and stressful. Online therapy is a commitment to finding the best version of yourself and, often, learning how to be gentle with yourself in the process of healing. 

Perhaps you are a young adult who is struggling with any of the variety of transitions that accompany young adulthood. Whether you are attending Denver Seminary or Community College of Denver, Maddie would be a fantastic resource for you to utilize as you learn the tools you need to enhance your success and reach your goals. If you are having a difficult time navigating grief or working through any harmful experiences in your life, both Katie and Maddie are trusted providers to help you work through and heal from the painful things in your life. Even if you are stationed at Fort Carson or Peterson for a short period of time, Nate would be an excellent fit, as he has over 15 years of experience working with active military and veterans. You don’t have to suffer alone.

3 Online Counseling Myths Busted!

“I’ve heard counseling is hard and/or painful!”

FALSE – Personal growth with the support of an online therapist is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself. In online counseling you will have the opportunity to confront some pain points in your life. It is possible you will experience some brief discomfort or feel tired following your sessions. Each staff member at Lime Tree Counseling is trained to help minimize the personal discomfort you might experience as a result of online therapy. I would say that the majority of clients report feeling refreshed, relieved, and lighter after attending their session.

“Doesn’t that mean there is something wrong with me if I go to counseling?”

FALSE – The stigma around counseling and support for mental health has changed drastically over the past decade or so.  Many people who attend online therapy truly desire to see changes in their lives and their relationships.  If you have come from an unsupportive family environment, are related to individuals who have addictions, or if you have had harmful, personal experiences, online counseling would be a fantastic step towards gaining the freedom you are worthy of. There is nothing inherently “wrong” with attending counseling; it actually gives you a better understanding of yourself and how your past has influenced and shaped your present.  

“I don’t need advice – I don’t think online counseling is a good fit for me.”

A common misconception about online counseling is that your counselor is there to give you advice. A counselor’s primary jobs are: (1) listen; (2) help you problem solve; (3) empower you through psychoeducation to learn how to communicate effectively, identify “red flags” in relationships and help you build confidence in yourself and your decisions; (4) make suggestions that support healthy behavior change. We are not here to tell you what to do. We will, however, challenge you to help you grow and we will ask you questions to help deepen your understanding of yourself. 

What if Online Counseling Makes Things Worse?

One of the only things that can make your mental health worse is doing nothing. Online therapy will likely be different than you expect and hopefully you will discover that you can experience healing and freedom. Getting support from a professional counselor – someone who is licensed, educated, unbiased, and outside of your circle of friends/family is a fantastic resource to help you achieve your goals. 

You Can Live the Life You Have Always Dreamed of Living

After reading through more details about online counseling, perhaps you are still unsure, that is totally fine! We would love the chance to talk with you and answer any additional questions you might have. We offer free 15 minute phone consultations for Maddie, Katie & Nate – all of whom are licensed to practice online therapy in the state of Colorado. You don’t have to be in the Denver Metro area to participate. You can live in Boulder, Pueblo, Pagosa Springs, Durango or Colorado Springs and benefit from online therapy. Let us partner with you to help you feel liberated from the things that have held you back from fully living! Feel free to reach out via a phone call or email. We are looking forward to working with you.


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