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By Katie Bailey, MA, LPC

Our world is stressful. No one gets to escape heartaches and challenges. We all have to learn to deal with stress. However, some of us tend to get more anxious. Check out my other blog post on the difference between everyday worry and anxiety that interferes in your life. If you struggle with anxiety, you know how overwhelming it can be. Your heart races, you feel dizzy, you can’t sleep, your thoughts automatically go to the worse case scenario. Maybe you even avoid certain places or events. You just want the tension and worry to stop.

There is no one magic way to cure anxiety; although, there are some things that might be making your anxiety worse without you knowing it. Think about how these things might aggravate your anxiety:

1. Skipping meals. All too often people skip meals, especially breakfast. When you miss a meal, your blood sugar drops which can lead to feelings of irritability and anxiety. Make sure you eat regular, healthy meals to give your body what it needs to work well.

2. Caffeine. Have you ever noticed how caffeine can make you jittery? If you already tend to be anxious, overdoing the caffeine will only make it worse. Do yourself a favor and limit it, or better yet, eliminate caffeine all together.

3. Dehydration. How much water do you drink? Drinking plenty of water helps your body run smoothly, which helps your nervous system. It’s easy to forget to drink water throughout your day. Get a water bottle, carry it with you, leave it on your desk, and get sipping!

4. What you watch or read. The things we see affect us. What shows are you watching? There was time a few years ago when I had several clients, all struggling with anxiety, who regularly watched Grey’s Anatomy. Those stories only made them more anxious. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Grey’s Anatomy, but if you struggle with anxiety, you need to avoid things that can trigger you. Do the shows you watch send your negative thoughts spinning? Maybe reconsider.

5. Lack of supportive friends. Do you hide your anxiety? Do you try an act like you have it all together when you don’t? Trying to cover up your anxiety actually only makes it worse. Find a few trustworthy people in your life and be honest with them. Share with them how your anxiety impacts your life. They don’t need to fix it for you, they just need to hear you and support you. Positive social connections are essential to our well-being. And, if you do share your story, chances are, you’ll realize other people you know battle anxiety too. You are not alone.

Have you made these changes and still your anxiety impacts your quality of life? You may need to see a professional counselor who specializes in anxiety counseling. Find out more about when you should seek anxiety therapy in my previous blog post.

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Our team at Lime Tree Counseling specializes in anxiety therapy. We want to help you learn the skills you need to reduce your anxiety and reclaim your life. We can help you learn how to stop your negative thoughts from snowballing, and how to cope effectively when anxiety hits. We want to see you sleeping well, and enjoying life as you were made to live. Contact us today to set up a free 15-minute consultation call, or to set up your first appointment. We are here to help you!

Sometimes anxiety doesn’t show up on its own. If you’ve had a traumatic, overwhelming experience, we can help you. As PTSD counseling experts, we can help you understand why your brain and body react in certain ways, and what you can do about it. Please send us a message and get scheduled for an appointment. You absolutely can live life differently.

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