Trauma Treatment At Lime Tree Counseling

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Emotional Abuse Counseling

Our therapists specialize in emotional abuse counseling.  Learn more about emotional abuse and it's effects, and how our team can help you.

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Sexual Abuse Counseling

We know that some stories are hard to tell.  Sharing your sexual abuse story is important to your healing.  We are trauma experts and we want to work with you to reclaim your life and enjoy your relationships again. Find out more about sexual abuse counseling.

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EMDR Therapy

Katie is trained in EMDR, a well researched approach to trauma therapy. Learn more about EMDR and how it works in healing PTSD.

Trauma & PTSD Treatment

Have You Had An Overwhelming Experience That Still Effects You Today?

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Life is overwhelming sometimes. When we experience a trauma, like sexual abuse or assault, abuse as a child, physical or emotional abuse, our brains get stuck.  Our mind is like a record player skipping - we experience the trauma over and over again. Small things can trigger a bad memory or make us afraid. Trauma also effects how we relate to others, making us less trusting, often isolating ourselves.

PTSD Symptoms

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The effects of overwhelming events can vary for everyone.  Overall, most people experience:

  • Unwanted, upsetting memories
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Avoiding people or places that trigger unpleasant memories
  • Isolating yourself
  • Constantly on alert for danger
  • Lack of enjoyment in anything
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Overly negative thoughts about yourself and the world
  • Nightmares
  • Inability to recall certain details of the trauma
  • Irritability

You Are Not Alone, We Can Help

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If you've experienced a trauma, you are not alone. Trauma makes us feel isolated from others, so the first step is to be courageous and ask for help. We have partnered with many people over the years and walked the healing journey with them.  Often people who have been abused have awful memories playing on repeat in their heads.  This is a normal reaction to trauma.  We will help you get those memories off of replay. We will work on learning skills to feel safe again and how to move forward with trusting people.

Hope For The Future

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Your trauma experience does not define you. You are a survivor. You need to tell your story. It's our privilege to hear your story and help you find healing. You can reclaim joy and peace again, we promise. 

We are trauma therapists in Montgomery County, PA and through online counseling for residents of Pennsylvania. 

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Life after PTSD

Have you been sexually abused? Maybe emotionally or physically abused? I want to hear your story and help you find peace and safety again. As a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in PTSD treatment, I utilize EMDR Trauma Therapy. Find relief from your PTSD symptoms today!

Additional Therapy Services at Lime Tree Counseling

Anxiety Treatment

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Many people fight anxiety everyday. Often this looks like constant worry, regular physical tension, rapid heartbeat, and even panic attacks. We offer anxiety counseling to help you learn new skills to lower your stress and enjoy life more.

Marriage Counseling

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Relationships evolve as life changes. Sometimes partners need help learning new skills to help them communicate better and strengthen their connection. We help couples improve their marriages through couples therapy.

Online Counseling

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Life gets busy, and maybe coming into the office is not doable.  Or perhaps you live in a remote area, and don't have access to quality mental health care.  We offer online counseling services to those residing in Pennsylvania.