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By Katie Bailey, MA, LPC

For the most part we can all recognize big T traumas: sexual assaults, plane crashes, public shootings, etc. The little t traumas in life are sometimes harder to recognize. These could include:

Losing a job

Ongoing conflict with significant other/children



Adopting/having a new baby

Unexpected financial worries

Any event in life that overwhelms us beyond our ability to cope would be a little t trauma. While you might be tempted to avoid dealing with these events, ignoring them only makes you feel worse. How do you know if you’re struggling with little t trauma? You might:

Have irritable or angry outbursts

Have trouble sleeping or nightmares

Avoid certain people or situations

Isolate yourself

Constantly worry or expect the worst

Regular inability to feel positive emotions (love, happiness, safety)

The more little “t” traumas we experience the harder it is to cope. PTSD treatment can be very helpful in relieving these symptoms and helping you get back to enjoying life as you were meant to live. As a trauma therapy specialist at Lime Tree Counseling, I can help you. Call or message me today to get started.

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