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By Katie Bailey, MA, LPC

Some think going to therapy is for “crazy” people, or “weak” people.  The truth is, people that go to therapy are brave, mature people looking to improve their lives.  Therapy is hard work, and all truly good things come from hard work.

Do you have negative thoughts about yourself over and over? Do you often feel over stressed or panicked? Are you having trouble sleeping or do you sleep too much? Did you have a scary event happen to you that you’ve been afraid to talk about? Are your relationships strained?  Are you disconnected from your spouse?

Yes to any of these questions, along with many others, indicate your life isn’t going as it was meant to be.  Christian Counseling could help you get unstuck, see your life from a new perspective, gain new skills, and enjoy life again.  Don’t just settle for how things are.  Be brave, ask for help, and see things change! Schedule with Lime Tree Counseling today.